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Why you must ride the QSE

The price/quality ratio of the Qse is unbeatable


We’re proud to offer more than any other stage event in the world, at a better price!

« I have participated to many multi-day events in Canada, Spain, etc. The Quality price ratio of the QSE is unbeatable. »
Eric, Qué-Biker from France

Thanks for the review, Eric! Let us explain why

The QSE is more than 50% cheaper than most multi-day events without jeopardizing in anyways the quality of the product offered. We even believe that what we offer more in content than any other stage event in the world.

Non-For-Profit organisation

The QSE is organized by Groupe Pentathlon, an non-for-profit organization. Our main goal is to deliver added value products at the lowest possible price. 

Permanent Base Camp

The permanent base camp, strategically located as close as possible to the daily destinations, simplifies logistics and creates a major cost saving that allows us to offer great value packages. Rest assured, we will never reduce the quality of the experience!

Financial Support

Québec City is world famous for Mountain biking. Mountain bike is a top 5 priority for the touristic development of the region. With that being said, as a non-for-profit organization, we receive financial support from the local tourism bureau and from the municipal, provincial and federal government.  


The Canadian currency is generally very stable. Selling our product in CAD becomes another saving if you are used to USD ($1.35 CAD = $1 USD) or Euros ($1.35 CAD = €1)


Your family? Please bring’em along!

Ride while your family enjoys Québec

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July 10 to 14, 2023

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