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Saint-Raymond Sector

Québec Singletrack Expérience

Located near the Village, with a trailhead at the microbrewery of the Roquemont Hotel, the Saint-Raymond sector is very popular with its accessible and fun trails, appreciated by intermediate level riders. The network is divided between Mont Laura, where the local ski center is located, and the “Swiss Mountain”, from which ultra-fluid and ultra-fast descents are launched. Between the two hills, beautiful rolling trails make the connection, running along corn fields in a bucolic setting.


Trails not to be missed:

  • Grand Eggen
  • Tablerone
  • Jolie Jaëlle
  • Sabot de la Vierge
  • Monsieur Rolland
  • Tourilli

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August 14 to 19, 2022

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Québec Singletrack ExpérienceQuébec Singletrack ExpérienceQuébec Singletrack ExpérienceQuébec Singletrack Expérience