An “Experience” Both on and off the Bike. - Québec Singletrack Expérience

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Why you must ride the QSE

An “Experience” Both on and off the Bike.


Meet people from all over the planet in a festive and friendly atmosphere. A summer camp for adults!

“The QSE far surpassed my expectations. It is perfectly named as an “experience” both on and off the bike.”

Ene, Qué-Biker from Ontario, Canada.

The QSE singletracks are world famous, but the simple logistics and the incredible atmosphere also play a very important role in the experience.

Real Vacation

The HUB, or base camp, is located a few steps from the Old Québec, a UNESCO World Heritage Treasure.

  • All services are offered at the hub: accommodation, meals, shuttle to the stage, massage, yoga, physiotherapy, bar, entertainment, Radio QSE, bonfire, etc.
  • As the hub is permanent, your logistics are simplified. We are not moving every day as in most multi-day event. No packing and unpacking every day.
  • The hub is located between 30 minutes and 80 minutes form the stages. Luxury coaches take you to the stages and then back to the hub. No long daily transfers. 

That simple logistics allows you plenty of time to enjoy the historical city or simply to chill with other Qué-Bikers at the hub in a friendly and festive atmosphere. Real vacations!

Special Activities Included

On top of the rides and the entertainment at the hub, special activities are also included in your package.

  • On day 0, to kick off the week, we will take you on a fun night ride around historical Old-Québec.
  • At mid-week we will dine you on a site where you will experience one of Québec’s main attractions.
  • Finally, to conclude the week, we will party together, with a live band, It will be time to celebrate because you will finally be a Qué-Biker!

And you know what, your family and friends are more than welcome to participate to all these activities,


The price/quality ratio of the Qse is unbeatable.

We’re proud to offer more than any other stage event in the world, at a better price!

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August 14 to 19, 2022

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Québec Singletrack ExpérienceQuébec Singletrack ExpérienceQuébec Singletrack ExpérienceQuébec Singletrack ExpérienceQuébec Singletrack Expérience