The QSE is accessible to all riders whether you want to race or simply to enjoy the trails and landscapes. Ride between 2 to 4 hours a day depending on your fitness and your level of experience. Choose the short course or the longer course on the longer stages. Whether you're elite or simply looking for the mountain bike experience of your life, you'll become a Que-Biker!



The QSE is timed… for 2 reasons: for the race and for the security of everyone.

Every day, you get 3 times and 3 classifications so everyone can challenge themselves with their own personal objectives.

  1. Stage and general time and classification
  2. Timed ascent (King of the mountain) time and classification
  3. Timed descent (Enduro) time and classification

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With the S’Quad, you are never alone!

The S’Quad is a group of 16 riders that will be riding along with you all week. They are well identified, and they are everywhere!  The S’Quads enhance the experience with their support and assistance. They play 1,000 roles… depending on your needs. They help. They facilitate. They will even guide you on the trails so you find the perfect line in the more technical sections.  For the slower riders, or if you are simply having a bad day on the trail, they will become your best friends... for life.


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