Daily transfers

Splendid nature and perfect singletracks within easy reach of a historical city!

The average transfer time between the hub and the QSE stages is only 36 minutes, with four stages less than 30 minutes away. No long transfers and no long waits.

After breakfast, served for all participants at the hub at Mérici, a luxury coach will drive you to the stage where, on arrival, you will pick up your bike ready for the start.

Same process at the end of the stage where, after you have cleaned, tuned and dropped off your bike to logistics, a coach will take you back to the hub to chill and shower before dinner and the nightly fun and celebrations.

Exclusive to the full service package 


Bike logistics and mechanical service

Bike management

Your “beloved” will be in good hands with the QSE logistics team. From the night before stage 1 until the end of your experience, your bike will be handled by the logistics team.

In the morning, on arrival at the stage site, you will pick up your bike in preparation for the start. Lube, pumps and tools will be available with light mechanical service, if needed. Enjoy the ride!

At the end of the stage, near the finish line area, a bike-cleaning station will allow you to refresh your bike. Hoses, soap, brushes, pumps, lube and cloths will be available. Once your bike is clean and you have made any necessary adjustments to make it ready for the next stage, you will hand your bike over to the logistics team.

Exclusive to the full service package 


Mechanical service

If your bike needs outside help from a technician, for any work you wish to have done, technicians will be at the finish area to identify the problem, evaluate the task and pick up your bike. It will be transferred to the maintenance shop and repaired overnight. You will then retrieve your bike at the start, ready for the stage. A work order will be attached to your bike indicating the work done and the cost you will have to pay at the end of the week. 

Offered with all packages



Reservation mandatory.


Yoga and massages


Daily yoga sessions will be graciously offered at the hub at Mérici.


Optional massage sessions will also be offered. You will be able to book an apointment as soon as Day 0 or at any time during the event, under the big tent. 

Offered by professionals, 40$ for 20 minutes. Cash only. Relax!



QSE made sure everyone’s needs and budget are covered by offering multiple lodging options; all offered in limited quantity as Quebec City is very busy at that time of the year. 


Airport shuttle

QSE is offering a private shuttle service from YQB (Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport) to the QSE hub at Merici.
Before the event: from Thursday to Saturday.
After the event:  from Friday PM to Saturday PM.

You need to reserve no later than 2 weeks before the event.