No ! Once your basic package is purchased, you can buy other options later. However, do not hesitate to buy a hosting option when you can. Until spring 2019, you will be able to upgrade your option… if places are still available.

To enhance your experience, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of a unique opportunity to camp in downtown Quebec City. A first ! This unique opportunity is made possible by the QSE in collaboration with Mérici Collégial privé. The tents are provided by the QSE and included in the price of the option.

Of course! Please send us an email at info@quebecsingletrack.com for more details. 


No! The price per participant is the same for solo and teams. Everyone registers regardless of the format. When registering, you only need to choose one of the "team" categories. Once you are registered, we will be in touch with you, and we will make the match as soon as your teammate(s) register(s). If for some reason one or more of your teammates have a change of heart... you will simply be re-assigned to the ensuing appropriate category.

Except for the LOCAL QSE EXPERIENCE, yes, all of that is included. Amazing isn't it? Packages are offered at an unprecedented price for a stage race. A big thank you to our partners who allow us to make all this accessible.

If the LOCAL package interests you, take the time to check the price of the package WITHOUT LODGING. For the price difference, you will have all your meals included as well as your transport so no groceries or gas purchases ...  And more, you will be able to live the overall EXPERIENCE with the other participants.

The event is basically 250 riders who will share a unique experience for seven days. Everything that happens around the stage is part of the experience. Francois, CEO of the Groupe Pentathlon, participated in several of these races and he always says: "The experience is everything. This is much more than a six-stage bike race."

The capacity limit is 250 total participants, all categories included. There is not limit per category.


Each day, three times and four rankings will be compiled:

  • Your full stage time;

  • Your time for a leg identified as a timed ascent (ex.: km 5.1 to km 6.3);

  • Your time for a leg identified as a timed descent (ex.: km 12.8 to km 14.9);

  • Your general timed, cummulated.

This way, you can compete with other Qué-Bikers in four different ways. The beginning and end of the timed sections will be clearly identified on the course as well as on the cards that you will be given at the beginning of the Expérience.

To see the kilometers and estimated times by stage, go to the pages of each of the destinations.

The QSE is an experience accessible to all. If you are an expert cyclist, you will be among the first 15% riders. There will be about 15 to 20% of the participants who will be contenders for podiums. However, this is first and foremost an incredible group experience as opposed to a fierce competition!

You can find this information on the page for that purpose. Basically, the registration is not refundable. In the event of a situation beyond your control forcing you to cancel your participation, two possibilities are available:

  • Transfer your registration to another participant.

  • Transfer your registration to next year.

You must immediately inform the QSE by e-mail at info@quebecsingletrack.com if you have to cancel your participation. Supporting documents may be required to justify the transfer. No cancellation or transfer will be accepted after June 1.