Yes, as of today, the QSE will take place from August 1 to 6, 2021. Given the sanitary measures in force to date, changes had to be made to the format, they are detailed in this page. New packages (meals, transport, etc.) may be offered depending on the upcoming relaxation of health measures.

If the sanitary measures do not allow large gathering in the departure area, the departures would be done against the clock.

The QSE is constantly monitoring the evolution of the health restrictions. As soon as the measures loosen, additional service packages would be offered to you in order to get closer to the original offer. For example: transport, meals and / or face-to-face entertainment. Up to you to take advantage of them or not.

Our terms and conditions remain the same. The registration is not refundable. However, you may transfer it to the next edition or to another person.

As of Today, no vaccine is required to take part of the event. This is subject to change according to the evolution of the public health measures.

If the event has to be postponed due to the pandemic, your registration is transferred to next years’ event or any other future edition of QSE. Whatever happens with the measures related to the pandemic, here or in your country or province, know that you can always postpone your registration to the next event in face-to-face mode, or even later, at your convenience. This rule also applies in the event of an injury that could prevent you from participating, at any time.

The final payment will be taken on July 1, 2021.

Due to the prevailing public health measures, the original shared residences are not available. Here is a list of similar accommodation to help you make a reservation. When making your reservations, do not forget to specify your participation to the QSE 2021 to benefit from the preferred rates.

Yes, the QSE 2021 has a new camping area, very well located by the Vieux-Port de Quebecone of our new camping packages (Tent, trailer-tent, camper, vanlife, etc.) Note that our caterer can deliver fresh breakfasts each morning.

By the beginning of the event, the QSE will share a list of activities and optional excursions depending on the available offer, according to the prevailing public health measures. The Old Port sector offers many possibilities. Within walking distance from the campsite or hotels in the area, you can visit shops, galleries, antique shops, museums, walk on the docks or take the ferry to Lévis to enjoy the view.


No! The price per participant is the same for solo and teams. Everyone registers regardless of the format. When registering, you only need to choose one of the "team" categories. Once you are registered, we will be in touch with you, and we will make the match as soon as your teammate(s) register(s). If for some reason your teammates has a change of heart... you will simply be re-assigned to the ensuing appropriate category.

If some categories have too few participants, they may be twinned with other categories.


Each day, three times and four rankings will be compiled:

  • Your full stage time;

  • Your time for a leg identified as a timed ascent (ex.: km 5.1 to km 6.3);

  • Your time for a leg identified as a timed descent (ex.: km 12.8 to km 14.9);

  • Your general time, cumulated.

This way, you can compete with other Qué-Bikers in four different ways. The beginning and end of the timed sections will be clearly identified on the course as well as on the maps that you will be given at the beginning of the experience.

To see the distances and estimated times by stage, go to the pages of each of the destinations.

The QSE is an experience accessible to all. If you are an expert cyclist, you will be among the first 15% riders. There will be about 15 to 20% of the participants who will be contenders for podiums. However, this is first and foremost an incredible group experience as opposed to a fierce competition!

You can find this information on the page for that purpose. Basically, the registration is not refundable. In the event of a situation beyond your control forcing you to cancel your participation, two possibilities are available:

  • Transfer your registration to another participant.

  • Transfer your registration to next year.

You must immediately inform the QSE by e-mail at info@quebecsingletrack.com if you have to cancel your participation.